S T R E E T S V1.

S T R E E T S  V1.

Brought to you by Super Pig Designs - Melbourne inspired streetwear +other cool shit.

S T R E E T S  by Super Pig Designs.    

This is where we live.  This is what we eat and where we go.  It's what we wear and what we give a shit about.  These are our friends and these are their stories.  

Each week we bring you all things street style, art, music, food, booze, travel adventures + other cool shit.

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Berlin photographer Kate Jordan sees the world through a lens.  We catch up with this powerful artist to talk all things Berlin, street style and photos. 

You’re originally from the little seaside town of Noosa, how did you end up in Berlin?

How did you become a photographer?

What is the main struggle you face an artist?  What worries you? How do you see yourself fighting these struggles?

What motivates you as an artist?

What do you love taking pictures of and why?

What is your favorite thing to do in Berlin?

What is your favourite neighbourhood in Berlin?

What is the main style you see on the streets of Berlin?

What are you listening to at the moment?

Will you ever come home?

Kate is our artist in residence this month at Super Pig.  Her incredible images are available as prints  here

S T R E E T  S T Y L E S 

This week we're all about big hip hop style jackets & sweats.  Think oversize bombers, hooded parkers and the classic fleece hoodie.  

The Japanese Hip Hop Bomber     

Introducing The Japanese Hip Hop Kodak Bomber.  It's retro AF. and comes in two colours.  Stay warm.  Stay dry.  Stay cool.

The Baseball Bomber 

Inspired by baseball.  This Bomber is everything and more.  Lightweight, textured and sexy AF.  Be your best self. 

The Money Cat Parker 

The Money Cat Parker is one cheeky jacket.  It's cotton polyester blend will keep you warm and dry and looking fly as fuck.  

The Bold Fleece Hoodie

The Bold Fleece Hoodie is gangster.  Hold off those winter chills with this thick cotton fleece and look your very best while you're doing it. 

The Lang Hooded Jacket 

You gotta get a piece of this guy.  The Lang Hooded Jacket is going to make your whole outfit pop.  

S T R E E T S  is brought to you by Super Pig Designs.

We are an online store bringing you Melbourne inspired streetwear + other cool shit.  We are a tiny team based in Melbourne Australia.  If you'd like to get in touch hit the buttons below.  Peace.


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